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Pourquoi tous nos masques sont-ils noirs ?

Les masques de couleur claire sont souvent mis en avant car ils permettent de réduire la sensation de claustrophobie que peuvent ressentir certains plongeurs avec des masques foncés. Cependant, nous vous conseillons des masques noirs qui permettent une meilleure vision dans l'eau. Cette couleur permet d'accentuer le contraste entre l'eau et votre masque augmentant ainsi le confort et la précision de vision.

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  1. Masque 125

    Masque 125

    Prix normal 54,00 €

    Prix Spécial: 48,60 €

    Confortable, solide et réglable, il convient à tous les plongeurs. Sangle de masque réglable.

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  2. Masque 150

    Masque 150

    Prix normal 59,00 €

    Prix Spécial: 53,10 €

    Compact et léger, ce masque offre une excellente vision périphérique et verticale.

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  3. MASQUE ES155

    MASQUE ES155

    Prix normal 74,00 €

    Prix Spécial: 66,60 €

    A mask is one of the most important pieces of dive gear and we think the ES155 frameless mask is it. With exceptional visibility and superior comfort being in the forefront of the design, diving on a reef or exploring a cave or wreck couldn’t be more exhilarating. The wide angle of vision provided by the single lens and by not having the frame of the mask over the nose substantially increases overall underwater visibility. Seeing clearly underwater over the entire field-of-view is possible with the ES155’s ultra clear glass in its lens design. The glass is also tempered for safety if it should ever break. The ES155 performs throughout any length of dive by not only allowing you to see exceptionally well underwater, but to do so in superior comfort. A soft matte silicone body with a double silicone face skirt makes for a comfortable fit on almost any size or shape face. The low volume and comfortable nose pocket make is easy to clear water from as well as pinch the nose for equalization. Holding the ES155 in place couldn’t be easier or more comfortable with the soft matte silicone strap and the easily adjustable mask strap buckles. Included is a protective carry case that holds up even on the bottom of your dive bag. You don’t have to worry about breaking a mask strap buckle or damaging the skirt when stowing it in its protective case. En savoir plus


    Prix normal 799,00 €

    Prix Spécial: 719,10 €

    MASQUE FACIAL avec Deuxième étage, valve de surface et  "SPACE EXTENDER"

    L'xtension rigide permet la fixation d'acessoires ( lampe, camera type "go-pro" )

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